Joomla Emoji Feedback Extension

Joomla Emoji Feedback Extension
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Joomla Emoji Feedback Extension Features

Joomla Emoji Feedback Extension is perfect to get the reactions of the visitos by collecting their email addresses and name to increase the website revenue.
 No Coding RequiredYou do not need to know coding! It is an install and use extension! Default parameters are as seen at demo! You can change everything via extension back-end. 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedEverything is as we described at extension features and demos! No disappointments and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! Module and plugin for joomla and K2You can use module or Content Plugin or K2 Content plugin 100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile DevicesPopup comes 100% responsive and we tested it at mobile devices. Disable or enable at mobile devicesOptionally, you can disable the popup at mobile and show only at desktop devices. 2 different themesYou can display emoji Vertical or Horizontal Incontent or Beginning or End of Content DisplayYou can use the module to display the emoji feedback at any module position, in-content or as a plugin at the beginning or end of the content Collect Email adresses of visitorsYou can get leads with feedback submit form Customizable emojis iconsYou can add as much as emojis you want by uploading your own emoji images Customizable emojis textYou can edit the emoji reaction texts and translate to any language easily. Cookie SettingsYou can activate cookie and hide the emoji from the already submitted visitors StylingYou can customize the colors and the width of the popup and overlay via module back-end. Optional CSS via module backendIf you have coding knowledge, or if you have some css code which you want to use, you can add your custom css easily via module back-end easily. Optional Javascript via module backendIf you have coding knowledge, or if you have some javascript code which you want to use, you can add your custom javascript easily via module back-end easily.

Joomla Emoji Feedback Extension Version History

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Released on : 07 September 2019, Saturday
Latest updated on : 27 April 2023, Thursday
Current Version : 1.0.2

Changelog  1.0.2Updates 1.0.1New language Files added. Deutsch,Español, Française, Italiano, Português, Türkçe 1.0.0Initial release

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