Joomla Content Protection Extension

Joomla Content Protection Extension
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Joomla Content Protection Extension Features

Joomla Content Protection will help you protecting your joomla site content from being copied. Just install add a small plugin on your website and Content Protection Extension for Joomla defend web content from being plagiarized.

New update for Joomla 4 and valid for joomla 3. You can find the installation file inside the downloading package with the version 1.0.2.

 No Coding RequiredYou do not need to know coding! It is an install and use extension! Default parameters are as seen at demo! You can change everything via extension back-end. 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedEverything is as we described at extension features and demos! No disappointments and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! Disable Text SelectionDisable Text Selection Disable Text Highlight (Text Selection) by Mouse. Disable Select AllDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+A (Windows and Linux), ⌘+A (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Select All HotKeys. Disable CopyDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+C (Windows and Linux), ⌘+C (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Copy HotKeys. Disable CutDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+X (Windows and Linux), ⌘+X (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Cut HotKeys. Disable PasteDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+V (Windows and Linux), ⌘+V (macOS) Disable Paste HotKeys. Disable SaveDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+S (Windows and Linux), ⌘+S (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Saved by Save HotKeys. Disable View SourceDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+U (Windows and Linux), ⌘+U (macOS) Disable to View Source Code of Page by HotKeys. Disable Print PageDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+P (Windows and Linux), ⌘+P (macOS) Protect Your Page from Being Printed by HotKeys. Disable Developer ToolDisable HotKeys: Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows and Linux), ⌘+⌥+I (macOS) Disable to View Source Code of Page by Developer Tools. Disable Safari Reader ModeDisable Reader mode in Safari: ⌘+Shift+R (macOS) Protect Your Text and Images from being copied in the Safari Reader mode. Disable Right ClickDisable Mouse Right Click Protect Your Content from Being Copied by Context Menu. Disable Image DraggingDisable Image Dragging by Mouse. Exclude Menu ItemsYou can disable plugin for the selected menu item(s) Easy SetupInstall and Publish ... Easy to setup and use

Joomla Content Protection Extension Version History

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Released on : 18 January 2020, Saturday
Latest updated on : 27 April 2023, Thursday
Current Version : 1.0.2

Changelog  1.0.2Updates 1.0.1New language Files added. Deutsch,Español, Française, Italiano, Português, Türkçe 1.0.0Initial release

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