This demo shows using Lead generation Component and Module for collecting Email Addresses.

How it works?

  1. Install Component and Module
  2. Crate a Campaign at Component
  3. At module select Campaign
  4. Set up the Position, opening time, animation and other easy settings
  5. Add Box Content
  6. Email response Content
  7. Success Message
  8. Vivsitor submits the email address and receives an email with the content you wrote at Response Content
  9. Email saves to database
  10. You can view the submitted emails at component interface

Unlimited Design Option

You can create unlimited lead generation boxes for your website.

  • Colors,
  • Content,
  • Response email
    HTML email content allowed
  • Box Position
    Bottom, Top, Center, Right, Left or Custom!
  • Trigger the Box at page onl oad, page scroll, page exit and element click
  • Cookie settings - You can setup cookies for not to show several time to users and submitters
  • You canadd custom CSS and Javascript when necessary

First setup from developer!

Our developer will help you to make the first setup when it is necessary for you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. We are proud of giving an excellent and prompt support!