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Progressive Web App

PWA is a Joomla extension to make your site installable on any device

 Joomla 4 Compatible 18

 View Progressive Web App

Push Notification

Send push notifications direct or automatically to visitors

 Joomla 4 Compatible 5

 View Push Notification

Content Reader

Let the visitors of your site listen to the content!

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Content Reader

Chat All in One

Chat with visitors directly with social media channels

 Joomla 4 Compatible 5

 View Chat All in One

Click to Call

Make your number easy to dial. Stimulate users to make a call.

 Joomla 4 Compatible 9

 View Click to Call

Call Back Button

Customers can leave phone number immediately!

 Joomla 4 Compatible 4

 View Call Back Button

Facebook Chat

Chat with visitors directly with Facebook Messenger at your website

 Joomla 4 Compatible 5

 View Facebook Chat

Telegram Chat

Give support with Telegram at your Joomla site

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Telegram Chat

Whatsapp Support

Give support with Whatsapp at your Joomla site

 Joomla 4 Compatible 13

 View Whatsapp Support

Virtuemart Whatsapp

Support customers via Whatsapp at your Virtuemart store

 Joomla 4 Compatible 9

 View Virtuemart Whatsapp

Hikashop Whatsapp

Support customers via Whatsapp at your Hikashop store

 Joomla 4 Compatible 2

 View Hikashop Whatsapp

Pop Up OnPage

Don'miss any visitor! Engage them with Popup onPage

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Pop Up OnPage

Lead Generation

Convert visitors in to customers with smart popups adn dialogue boxes

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Lead Generation

Content Protection

Protect your Joomla content from being copied.

 Joomla 4 Compatible 3

 View Content Protection

Trustpilot Reviews

Show Trustpilot reviews count and request review from visitors

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Trustpilot Reviews

Questions Answers

Answer questions of visitors in advance with a nice looking page

 Joomla 4 Compatible 14

 View Questions Answers

Animate CSS

You can add animate.min.css file to the head section of the website

 Joomla 4 Compatible 1

 View Animate CSS

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